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What is silience?

Silience is the unnoticed excellence and beauty that carries on around us day by day; An undiscovered waterfall in a desolate rainforest, a single speck of yellow in your partner’s eye, and hidden talents of your coworkers. Flowers are forever and your bouquet deserves to be noticed and cherished. We create these floral keepsakes so that the beauty of your bouquet will always be on display and the memories it brings back will be treasured forever.

When will my pieces be completed?

Turnaround time is currently 12 weeks for frames and about 16 weeks for resin pieces. All flowers dry at different rates and it is super important to not remove them too soon, to ensure they do not brown or mold in your pieces! Be patient and trust the process!

How do I book?

Please fill out the contact form on the contact page of my website. I will get back to you within 48 hours. A deposit is required to book.

How far out should I book?

A perfect time to book is right after you book your florist. That way we will know what kind of flowers will be in your bouquet and have all the details. 

When and how do I drop off my bouquet?

I am currently servicing the Cincinnati/Dayton area only and do not provide shipping. Bouquets and final pieces must be dropped off and picked up at my home in Kettering, OH or at my office in Middletown, OH. For Cincinnati based customers, I will do a weekly Sunday afternoon drop off and pick up in West Chester. It is best to designate a family member or friend to oversee your bouquet and put them in contact with me prior to your wedding. That way you don’t have to worry about getting your bouquet to me while preparing for your honeymoon! For best results, bouquets should be dropped off within 72 hours of the event either in a vase with water or wrapped in a moist paper towel.

How can I make sure my preserved flowers last?

Both pressed and resin pieces should be kept out of direct sunlight and humidity. Prolonged exposure to either can cause the flowers to brown and mold, and the resin to turn a yellowish tint.

I am not local to Cincinnati or Dayton. Can you still preserve my bouquet?

I do accept bouquets overnighted to me across the United States. This is on a VERY limited basis. When considering this option, please remember that overnighting your bouquet can be quite expensive and to add that into your budget. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs. The ONLY frame option that is able to be shipped is the 8×10 octagon frame. Any resin piece can be shipped.

My bouquet is already dried, can you do anything with it?

Yes! We accept dried bouquets from all across the US. However, resin is the only preservation option for already dried bouquets. Note that the customer is responsible for ALL shipping costs.

Why do my flowers look a different color after being preserved?

To be honest, dried flowers are not going to look exactly like live flowers. Some types of flowers do not dry or press well at all. I always use my best judgment when picking out the best ones after they are dried to use for your pieces. For the most part, red flowers turn much darker, light pink flowers will have a purple hue, and white flowers could turn yellow, brown, or tan. I do not use any type of color enhancement on my flowers, and I try to be as upfront as possible with colors and flowers that might cause difficulty. If there is a particular flower in your bouquet that you are attached to and absolutely want in your piece, please let me know! I can also provide you with recommendations on artists that use color enhancement if that is what you prefer.

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